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A heat pump is an effective and economical way to keep your home warm, especially in states with colder climates like Colorado. But there’s more. Heat pumps don’t just pump heat into your home — they also pump it out to keep your space cool in the summer months.

A heat pump combines the effects of a heater and an air conditioner in a single system at a fraction of the cost. Call us at (303) 770-2776 for more information about heat pump installation in Denver, CO.

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Why Choose 888 Heating and Air Conditioning?

At 888 Heating and Air Conditioning, we are a family-owned company committed to excellence, professionalism, and integrity — not quick, high-pressure sales. We will provide you with an honest, upfront estimate with no hidden fees or expensive products, services, and add-ons you don’t need.

Our skilled technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured and have been serving homeowners and businesses in Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas for over a decade. We always arrive on time with fully stocked trucks, which often enables us to get the job done on the same day.

Heat Pump Installation in Denver, CO

No project is too big or small for us. Whether you need a brand-new heat pump or want to replace your current system, we can help.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump is a temperature control system that can keep your space warm during the winter and cool in the summer months. An outdoor unit absorbs heat from outside and directs it into your property or vice versa.

Unlike other more conventional HVAC systems, which use fossil fuels like gas or oil, heat pumps run on electricity. That makes them not only more eco-friendly but more energy efficient too; heat pumps can transfer three times as much energy as they consume. 

What Types of Heat Pumps Are There?

At 888 Heating and Air Conditioning, we install heat pumps of all makes and models, including:

  • Air-source heat pumps: Also known as air-to-air heat pumps, these systems extract heat from the outside air and send it into your home or vice versa.
  • Ground-source heat pumps: Ground-source or geothermal heat pumps transfer heat between the ground and your home. 
  • Water-source heat pumps: If you have a body of water near your property, such as a river or a lake, you can use a water-source heat pump to absorb heat from the water source.

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Why Get a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps combine the effects of heaters and AC systems in a single, more compact unit. Compared to other HVAC systems, heat pumps are also more budget friendly and energy efficient and require less maintenance if correctly installed and serviced. Crucially, a heat pump can improve indoor air quality thanks to the lack of complicated ductwork that’s often present with alternative systems.

What Type of Heat Pump Is Right for You?

For a heat pump to work properly and lower your energy bills, it needs to be the right size and model for:

  • Your property and the surrounding area
  • The size and dimensions of the space
  • Your heating and cooling needs
  • The number of people in your household or business
  • Your budget

Our experienced technicians will assess your property and help you find the perfect heat pump for your needs.

How Much Does a Heat Pump Installation Cost in Denver?

Every project is unique, but some factors that affect the pricing include:

  • The make and model of the heat pump
  • The size or tonnage (air output per hour) of the unit
  • The energy efficiency ratings (SEER for cooling and HSPF for heating)
  • The complexity of the installation, including ductwork modifications or additional parts and equipment
  • Eligibility for tax credits or rebates

When comparing prices, it’s important to take into account not just the initial costs but the potential savings over time as well. For instance, units with higher energy efficiency ratings may cost more upfront but can reduce your energy bills in the long term.

Your Trusted Partner for Heat Pump Installation in Denver, CO

At 888 Heating and Air Conditioning, we are the premier heat pump installation company in Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas. Call (303) 770-2776 or contact us online to tell us about your needs and schedule an appointment.

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888 Heating & Air Conditioning is an awesome company. I've had them come out to do annual preventive maintenance checks on my ductless heat pump since it was installed. I have recommended them to friends and family.
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888 Heating & Air Conditioning did a great job helping with our thermostat. The technician, Garen, provided great services, worked fast, cleaned up and explained everything I asked about, very professional.
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