Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t ever let a contractor start an insurance claim for you!

We just recently had a horror story that a local company started an insurance claim for a homeowner.The process moved so fast it made her head spin and by the time it was all over with, she had a furnace and water heater that she did not want and was committed to. Also, the proper permitting was not pulled on this job and done illegally. In that case, I wish there was more that we could have done but it was too late.

Oops! You didn’t change your filter, that is the main reason. It could also be a bad blower motor, or the coolant charge is off.

Standard warranties are 5 years and extended are 10 years for parts. To check, you would have to call the manufacturer or find their website and type in your unit’s model and serial number. Parts should be covered if they were registered with the manufacturer. Labor warranties are only as good as the company writing it, you would have to contact the company directly.

That is a hard question to answer. It depends on proper equipment sizing, maintenance, and brand. In our climate, 15 years is average for a furnace and A/C. If properly maintained, a system can last as long as 20 years. Water heaters have an average expectancy of about 10-12 years.

Yes, it does cost a lot in energy bill unless you have a constant torque blower motor or upgrade to a variable speed furnace. Variable speed motors can be up to 75% more efficient on electricity usage, opposed to a standard motor which can be 30%.

It is usually on the filter you pull out of the furnace or labeled on the ductwork near the filter. Filter sizes vary greatly, and it should be easily visible since each unit is different.

Yes, for all furnace, AC, and water heater installations permits are required. We will source any needed permits.

Yes, we provide instant approval financing options. For those who qualify, there is a 0% option.

Usually the same day! Depending on drastic weather, we send out the tech the same day or within 24 hours.

Yes, for on-demand services we have a service fee.  Our trained technician will come out to give you an upfront estimate on the price for repairs or services. It is $58.  If you have us do the repair or service, that fee will be waved.

Outdoor A/C units do not need to be covered in the winter. Most A/C units are designed to be outdoors during all types of weather conditions. If you do cover them, make sure that you disconnect the main power to the AC. If it starts up with the cover on, it will burn up the motor and need to be replaced.

We recommend having your furnace and A/C checked every year.  You never know when a safety concern with your furnace or an efficiency concern with an A/C will arise. Properly maintained units will last longer and will also save you on costly undetected repairs or problems. It also helps maintain efficiency because unmaintained units lose 5% efficiency each year.

You don’t! That is why we recommend a yearly safety inspection. Many furnaces still function even though they can be very dangerous.

HVAC equipment could be oversized or undersized for your home. You may not have the proper amount of heating or cooling ducts in your home or rooms. There are several other reasons for this to happen. A technician could come out and help evaluate the situation. There are several different ways to fix this issue in your home.

You can buy a CO detector or have a furnace safety inspection performed on your unit. Many CO detectors do not detect low levels of Carbon Monoxide.

Yes, our standard warranty on new equipment is 10 years parts and labor. For repairs, it is 1-year parts and labor.

A good rule of thumb is every month. High air quality filters can be changed every 3 months.

It depends on the construction of the home. We do a free load calculation analysis with every system purchase to determine the correct size.

There can be a variety of reasons this is happening. First, check and see if the power is on. Next, could be that the refrigerant levels are off. Lastly, it could be broken parts.

It depends upon what kind of furnace you have. Standard furnaces should be set to auto. Variable speed furnaces should be set to on. Our technicians will tell you which kind you have. The blower should be on at all times if you have indoor air quality products such as electronic air cleaners, UV lighting systems, and whole home humidifiers.

The higher the number the better efficiency! The more money you save on your utility bills.

We repair all major furnace and A/C brands. If it is in your house, chances are we will work on it. We install quality American Standard products with pricing options for every budget.

Yes, we do.We schedule emergency or priority service on a first come first serve basis. Especially during times of high demand or poor weather. We are a locally owned business that does our best to get to everyone in a timely manner.

You’ll get the best discount by becoming a Service Agreement Member. Members get a 10% discount on repairs and a highly discounted new installation rate. Monthly membership starts at $14.95 and includes a FREE seasonal tune-up. *blackout dates apply*

Rebates start at 14.5SEER and max out at 17SEER for A/C and furnaces. It is 95% efficiency and up.

Some furnaces and ductwork can take a while to heat up.

High efficiency units and programmable thermostats help lower utility costs.

If our technician diagnoses the issue and that is not the issue, you only pay for the repair that is necessary.

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