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Colorado Energy Rebates

Save BIG with Xcel Energy and 888 Heating and Air Conditioning

High Efficiency Furnace Rebates

Heating and cooling are almost


of your bill

For most Colorado homeowners, heating and cooling costs represent over 50% of the energy bills they pay each and every month of the year.

Making the switch to an energy-efficient furnace or HVAC system can result in massive yearly savings for many local residents.

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Our rebate plans can help you reduce costs and save BIG.



Natural Gas Furnace

EC Motor in New Furnace - used for heating and cooling

EC Motor in New Furnace - used for heating only


95% AFUE

2019 Rebate Amount:




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High Efficiency Furnace Rebate Eligibility Requirements

Rental properties are also eligible for rebates. If you are the person who receives the energy bill and a tenant of the rental property, the property owner will likely paying for the project and will want the rebate. That is accomplished by you signing the rebate over to the property owner on the rebate application form in the Alternate Rebate Recipient section.

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Own A Rental Property?

As a rental property owner, you too may be eligible for these money-saving rebates.

Tenants receiving the energy bill may sign over the rebate to the property owner (i.e. you) on the rebate application form under the Alternate Rebate Recipient section.

This provides you with an incentive to upgrade your furnace system, and your tenants with a safer and better forming heating unit.

Getting your Rebate: the process

Step 1

Purchase a Qualifying System from 888 Heating and Cooling

Step 2

Have our Team of Talented HVAC Technicians Install your New System

Step 3

Fill Out and Return your Rebate Application form to Xcel for Review and Processing

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High Efficiency Air Conditioner Rebates

Save BIG on AC Bills this Year with 888 Heating and Cooling

Would you like to earn up to $600 in rebates this year?

Not only can you qualify for up to $600 in rebates by upgrading to a high-efficiency cooling system, but you can also reduce your monthly energy bills by up to 40-60%!

2019 New Air Conditioner Rebates

New AC system*

Standard efficiency AC/ASHP with Quality Installation

High efficiency AC/ASHP with Quality Installation

New AC Efficiency minimums

Under 15 SEER, under 12.5 EER

15+ SEER, 12.5 EER




Energy Efficiency Terms

Helping you understand energy ratings and terminology

Energy Efficient Ratio — This ratio evaluates and provides a measurement of the unit’s overall energy efficiency.

SEER  Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. A measurement that evaluates the amount of heat removed during cooling seasons.