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At 888 Heating & Air Conditioning, we are your trusted partners for ductless mini-split systems in Arvada, CO. With over a decade of experience, we have established ourselves as the go-to experts in all things related to mini-splits. Whether your needs involve installing a new ductless mini-split system or seeking expert maintenance and repair services, our team has you covered.

At 888 Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand the unique challenges of installing and maintaining ductless mini-split systems in Aurora, CO. Our technicians have the expertise and experience necessary to ensure that your system is installed correctly and operating at peak performance.

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Why Choose Ductless Mini Splits?

Ductless mini-split systems have become increasingly popular in Arvada and the surrounding areas for several compelling reasons. This highly energy-efficient HVAC system provides both heating and cooling, offering a versatile solution to keep your indoor environment comfortable year-round.

Here’s why you should consider a ductless mini-split system for your home or business:

Efficient Heating System and Cooling System: Ductless mini splits are designed to efficiently provide both heating and cooling. They offer a more precise temperature control compared to traditional HVAC systems, ensuring your comfort in every season.

Zoned Comfort: With ductless mini splits, you can create individual zones in your home or office. Each zone can be controlled separately using individual thermostats, allowing you to customize the temperature in different rooms according to your preferences.

Space-Saving Design: These systems are known for their compact and sleek design. The indoor air handler units can be mounted on walls or ceilings, saving valuable floor space.

Easy Installation: Ductless mini-split installation is relatively simple compared to traditional ducted systems. No ductwork is required, making it an ideal solution for both new construction and retrofit projects.

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888 Heating offers:

When you contract 888 Heating to install your energy-efficient ductless AC or ductless mini-split system, we’ll assess your space and identify what type of ductless AC system best meets your needs. We work efficiently and quickly during the ductless AC installation, paying attention to the small details to ensure you’re 100% satisfied.

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Our Expertise in Arvada Ductless Mini Splits

At 888 Heating & Air Conditioning, we take pride in our extensive experience with ductless mini splits. Our team of certified technicians is highly skilled in the installation, maintenance, and repair of ductless mini-split systems. When you choose us, you can expect:

Professional Installation: Our technicians are experts in ductless mini-split installation. We ensure that your system is installed correctly and efficiently to maximize its performance.

Comprehensive Maintenance: To keep your ductless mini split running smoothly, we offer routine maintenance services. Regular maintenance helps extend the lifespan of your HVAC equipment and keeps it operating at its peak efficiency.

Prompt Repairs: If you encounter any issues with your mini-split system, our team is just a call away. We provide fast and reliable repair services to get your system back to optimal performance.

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Service Area: Arvada, CO

We proudly serve the Arvada, CO community and the surrounding areas. Whether you need a new ductless mini split installation or require maintenance and repairs for your existing system, we are your trusted local HVAC partner.

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If you’re looking to upgrade your HVAC system to a highly energy-efficient ductless mini split, or if you need any service related to mini splits in Arvada, CO, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 888 Heating & Air Conditioning. We are committed to providing you with the best heating and air conditioning solutions for your home or business.

Enjoy the benefits of zoned comfort, precise temperature control, and efficient cooling and heating with our ductless mini-split systems. Cool or warm your Arvada room with confidence—choose 888 Heating & Air Conditioning for all your HVAC needs.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

5 stars
Highly recommend 888 Heating. Deri and the entire team are professional, punctual and courteous. Signing up for the service contract with 888 is one of the best decisions I have made as a homeowner.
John B.
888 Heating & Air Conditioning is an awesome company. I've had them come out to do annual preventive maintenance checks on my ductless heat pump since it was installed. I have recommended them to friends and family.
Jessica F.
888 Heating & Air Conditioning did a great job helping with our thermostat. The technician, Garen, provided great services, worked fast, cleaned up and explained everything I asked about, very professional.
Kevin M.
Excellent and informative service from Garen. He is clearly an expert and spent time explaining the differences and issues with our two heating units. We'll definitely be contacting 888 for our AC unit servicing in the spring!
Becky T.
These guys do great work and care about the results. At first the zoning was not working as well as I expected but the 888 team returned and made adjustments on several occasions. The system now works beautifully and we are very happy with the results.
Scott W.
Our technician was courteous, knowledgeable and very straightforward. He answered all my questions and helped us to understand the quirks of our system.
Clifford F.

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