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Save time and money, get some relief, and increase your comfort with an air purification system. Poor indoor air quality, indoor air pollution, and dry air can worsen medical issues and physical comfort. Whole home systems are an affordable and efficient solution for home comfort. Some of the benefits of whole-home air purifiers and humidifiers

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Whole Home Air Purification System or Humidifier System

Air purification systems help reduce not only allergens but also indoor air pollution while humidifiers keep your home more comfortable at a higher temperature while providing moisture to help sinuses and skin. Whole home air purifiers and humidifiers save you money by being connected to your existing HVAC system to service your whole house. Putting individual air purifier units in each room is not only expensive but also time-consuming to maintain.

Denver Air Purification

888 Heating can install a Solace Air electronic whole-home UV air purifier on your existing air conditioning system. Both effective and efficient benefits of home air purification are:

Everyday things can cause indoor air pollution and poor indoor air quality. Your indoor air quality is affected by cleaning product chemicals, insects, mold, household chemicals, smoke, pets, rodents, and outdoor pollution. Keep your home and family comfortable and healthy by having an affordable whole-home purification system installed today.

Denver Humidifiers

The dry Colorado air can also have an effect on our health. If the air in your home is too dry it can cause increased allergy and respiratory problems. Unfortunately, when your home is overly dry it can cause damage to your home itself in things like popular wood floors and fixtures.

Whole home humidifiers such as Aprilaire and Honeywell will improve the comfort in your home and can relieve symptoms related:

Once your whole home humidifier is installed on your HVAC system, you set the humidity level you want and forget about it. You’ll never need to fill it as it’s hooked directly to the water line. You, your family, your pets, and yes, your plants will all benefit from having the right amount of moisture in the air! You’ll also benefit from both fresh air and clean air free from air contaminants and airborne particles that get captured in the air filtration air filters.

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What is HEPA Air Filtration?

Your whole home air purification system comes with HEPA (High Energy Particulate Arresting) filtration. HEPA systems rank among the top in the world for indoor air filtration. Here’s how it works: