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An old, broken, or inefficient air conditioning system doesn’t just make your home uncomfortable; it can also cost you thousands of dollars in inflated energy bills and may endanger your and your family’s health.

Often, fixing your existing unit is your best move, but some systems are beyond repair. In other cases, you may be able to salvage your AC unit, but it would be cheaper to replace it altogether.

If you aren’t sure whether to get a new AC system, call our team at 888 Heating and Air Conditioning. We specialize in high-quality air conditioning replacement in Highlands Ranch, CO. Our experienced technicians will inspect your air conditioner and recommend the most effective and economical solution for you and your home.

The 888 Heating and Air Conditioning Difference:

Five Signs You Should Replace Your Air Conditioner

Should you buy a new AC unit? Here are some signs that indicate it could be time for an air conditioning replacement in Highlands Ranch, CO:

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) measures AC efficiency. The higher the number, the more efficient your air conditioner is. Older systems usually have lower SEER ratings that are not only bad for the environment but also inflate your energy bills.

The minimum SEER rating for new air conditioners made in the U.S. is 13, which can save you around 18% in energy efficiency compared to an older 10 SEER unit. If your SEER rating is lower than that, it’s time to consider a new air conditioner. Our experienced technicians can inspect your unit, let you know what your SEER rating is, and recommend a new, high-efficiency, and more economical system.

If your air conditioning unit is experiencing frequent breakdowns, it may be time to replace it. Getting a new unit is easier and cheaper than scheduling a costly AC repair call once every few weeks — to say nothing of the time savings.

Your AC system may be working fine, but if it’s over ten years old, it’s inefficient by today’s standards. Air conditioning technologies evolve so fast that replacing your unit once every few years is often considerably more cost-effective than extending the life of your existing system with repairs.

Inefficient or uneven cooling is a dead giveaway that your air conditioning system is compromised. This is often a sign of a major underlying issue, such as a refrigerant leak, a broken compressor, or a faulty evaporator coil or condenser coil. If so, you may want to consider total unit replacement, as these kinds of repairs can be expensive and time-consuming.

Is there a weird odor or strange banging, clanking, or whining noises coming from your AC system? Chances are there is something wrong with the unit. Our experienced technicians can diagnose the problem and let you know if a replacement is your best choice.

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Why Choose Us for Your Air Conditioning Replacement in Highlands Ranch, CO

We’re a family-owned and family-run company that takes great pride in serving our local community in Highlands Ranch, CO.

Our trained and knowledgeable technicians will visit your home or business, carefully inspect and diagnose your current system, and suggest the next steps. If a simple repair can fix the issue, we’ll do that. If your unit is beyond repair, we’ll help you find a replacement and install it for you in no time.

With 888 Heating and Air Conditioning, you also get:

  • Ten-year parts and labor warranty
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • 10-30% savings compared to our competitors
  • Monthly specials on AC conditioning replacement
  • Transparent upfront quotes with no hidden fees

Save Money on Your New AC

At 888 Heating and Air Conditioning, we prioritize integrity and will never recommend a more expensive option when a cheaper one would be a better match for your needs. We carry a wide variety of AC brands and models, including central air conditioning, which allows us to find your perfect fit.

We also offer different specials and financing options each month. For even greater savings, join our 888 CARE Program. Membership starts at $14.95 a month!

The Best Air Conditioning Replacement in Highlands Ranch, CO

Whether you need a new indoor or outdoor unit, we can help. Call our 888 Heating and Air Conditioning team at (303) 770-2776 or contact us online to schedule a service call.

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5 stars
Highly recommend 888 Heating. Deri and the entire team are professional, punctual and courteous. Signing up for the service contract with 888 is one of the best decisions I have made as a homeowner.
John B.
888 Heating & Air Conditioning is an awesome company. I've had them come out to do annual preventive maintenance checks on my ductless heat pump since it was installed. I have recommended them to friends and family.
Jessica F.
888 Heating & Air Conditioning did a great job helping with our thermostat. The technician, Garen, provided great services, worked fast, cleaned up and explained everything I asked about, very professional.
Kevin M.
Excellent and informative service from Garen. He is clearly an expert and spent time explaining the differences and issues with our two heating units. We'll definitely be contacting 888 for our AC unit servicing in the spring!
Becky T.
These guys do great work and care about the results. At first the zoning was not working as well as I expected but the 888 team returned and made adjustments on several occasions. The system now works beautifully and we are very happy with the results.
Scott W.
Our technician was courteous, knowledgeable and very straightforward. He answered all my questions and helped us to understand the quirks of our system.
Clifford F.

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